US Jeep ad blatantly mocks the Kia Sorento

In the USA taking jabs at your competitors is normal, and they are usually blatantly mentioned as being inferior to Product XYZ.

The new ad by Jeep takes mockery to a new level, the ad shows two people dressed as hamsters trying upgrade their Kia Sorento in order to get to a Halloween party at a presumably remote location called “Hells Revenge”.

They eventually gave up and take the keys of a Jeep Grand Cherokee Trailhawk.


There needs to be some context added here, according to Car and Driver website, the Jeep video is making fun of a Kia advert which showed that the Sorento was capable of going against the Moab trail as well as that rocky and treacherous stretch called ‘Hells Gate’.

You might then ask why the hamsters? Apparently it refers to ‘Hamstars’ used in some of Kia’s advertising abroad.


Photo credit- CarBuzz


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