US welcomes ‘progress’ in aid reaching Tigray

The US says it welcomes “progress” in aid reaching Ethiopia’s northern regions, including Tigray where millions have been in dire need of essential emergency supplies for months.

Relief agencies have long accused the Ethiopian government of implementing a “de facto blockade” and hindering access to Tigray. More than 1,100 trucks with food, medical and other supplies have arrived in Tigray in a week, according to a statement by the US Department of State.

War broke out between the government and Tigrayan forces 19 months ago, unleashing a massive humanitarian crisis in which millions were uprooted from their homes.

Following an agreement of a humanitarian truce in March, there has been a lull in fighting and aid reaching the region has increased. But humanitarian workers still say much more effort and aid are required to meet the needs.

The US has called on the warring parties to “continue to build on this momentum” and work to find an end to the brutal civil war.

It has also urged services to be immediately restored in conflict-affected areas.

Much of Tigray remains without services like banking, electricity and the internet.

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