USA exit nuclear deal with Russia

The United States of America has officially withdrawn from a watershed Nuclear Treaty with Russia.

The Intermediate- Range Nuclear Forces Treaty (INF) was originally signed by Soviet leader Mikhail Gorbachev and US president Ronald Reagan in 1987. The treaty banned ground-launch nuclear missiles with ranges between 500 and 5500km and lead to mass disarmament by both superpowers.

However, earlier this year, the US claimed they had evidence of Russia deploying a number of SSC-8 missiles, which was backed by all its allies. The missile system is capable of being fitted with a nuclear warhead, highly mobile, difficult to detect and has a recorded range of 2350km.

President Vladimir Putin suspended Russia’s obligations to the treaty shortly after the reports emerged. US President Donald Trump then gave Russia until August 2 to re-comply with the regulations.

Now that the deadline is passed, the US confirmed their withdrawal from the treaty as well.

“An invaluable brake on nuclear war” was being lost, warned UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres on BBC News.

“This will likely heighten, not reduce, the threat posed by ballistic missiles.”

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