Van Breda cross-examination session continues

September 12, 2017. Cape Town. Henri Van Breda murder case. Photo by Ruvan Boshoff ------ Deep etch please

CAPE TOWN – Triple murder accused Henri van Breda on Thursday explained to the Western High Court the reason he didn’t check the house for intruders after attack.

Van Breda is accused for the brutal murder of his parents and older brother as well as the attempted murder of his younger sister in their Stellenbosch home in January 2015.

According to Van Breda (23), it didn’t cross his mind to check if the intruders were still in the house after he managed to fight and overpower one of the men.

“There’s numerous spots in the house where they could have been. I didn’t check,” he said.

He claims that he was equally terrified about what had happened and didn’t know what to think and not to think at that moment.

“I was recovering from a large amount of trauma. I was not thinking clearly. As soon as I thought they were out of the house and gone, I decided to get the emergency services,” said Breda.

Van Breda says  he heard the voices of at least two intruders after the attack but their voices faded away, and could have evacuated the place already.

Prosecutor Susan Galloway questioned the accused why the intruders didn’t steal anything from the house after the attack.

Van Breda’s cross-examination session is set to continue on Monday.


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