Van der Burgh hangs up his goggles

Beijing- Olympic medalist Cameroon Van de Burgh has announced his retirement from competitive swimming earlier this week after he stunned the field in the men’s 100m breaststroke at the 14th FINA world Swimming short course in Hangzhou, China.

Now at 30, the star swimmer confirmed at a press conference in China that he is retiring,  “It is an amazing flashback to see a long way ago when I was a still young kid with a lot of dreams. It has been amazing to fulfil those dreams but today is the day I announce my retirement,” he said, as quoted by the FINA website.

“I couldn’t be more happy with the outcome of my last race tonight. I have won the 100m breast gold medal here in Hangzhou tonight and I feel very blessed to be here in this room with my family and coach.”

“Thank you so much for every person that has been a part of my life and my swimming career. Swimming has given me so much and has ‘springboarded’ me to the next part of my future,” he continued.

“2018 has definitely been the best year of my life. I have gotten married to my beautiful wife who is here in the room; my Commonwealth Games gold was also one of the heights.

“But I have also started to plan my future and think what is coming next for me. Swimming has really given me a springboard for the rest of my career. I have now started to work at a private hedge funding in London where we trend with oil and the rush I get from there is very similar to what I get when I race. The sport of swimming has giving me the platform I needed for the rest of my life.”

Photo credit- The Games

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