Vatican to stop selling cigarettes

Vatican City – The Vatican has made an announcement on Monday that it will stop selling cigarettes to employees in its duty free shop and supermarket. This means it will be giving up an estimation of €10 million ($11 million) a year in profit.
According to Vatican this came after Pope Francis has taken this kind of a decision because, “the Holy See cannot contribute to an activity that clearly damages the health of people.”
According to a statement that was released by the World Health Organisation (WHO),  a research that was conducted regarding people who smoke shows that smoking has resulted in more than 7 million deaths within a year. This research was not only conducted in Vatican but it was conducted around the world.
According to a book called “Avarice” that is based on the leaked documents of Vatican City, it is reported that cigarette sales bring a lot of money.
It is said that the cigarette sales bring in an estimation of €10 million a year. The book also states that Vatican City is the second most important source after the sales of the tax free gas.

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