Verstappen says he does not need psychologist

CHINA- Max Verstappen is putting the Chinese Grand Prix behind him.

The star Formula 1 Red Bull driver has slammed the media after he run into championship leader Sebastian Vettel’s Ferrari in Shanghai last weekend.

Speaking to Dutch media in Zandvoort, he said, ‘I’ve learnt from it’

“It was not my best race, but I don’t have to think about it anymore,” he told Dutch media at an event at Zandvoort.

“I’ve learned from it and I’m looking forward.

“I will not be less aggressive, but I will look at a situation better,”

Some people have criticized the driver for being immature, Verstappen is 20 years old, he said, “These are people who know about it and understand how it works. I do not need a psychologist,” he insisted. “Do I sleep well? I always sleep well,

“I should have done it differently, but if you were to know everything in advance, you could change the entire world.

He added, “At some point you have to look ahead, so I’m looking ahead to Baku.”

Photo Credit- Sky Sports

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