Viewers accuse Thobile of trying to bring Isithembu to #RHOD

Johannesburg – Musa Mseleku and his wife, Thobile hosted a black-tie event to get to know their Real Housewives of Durban castmates better.

At the event, Thobile made jokes and said she didn’t see anyone with two wives. A joke that didn’t land that well with the ladies, especially Annie who couldn’t hide her distate.

“Annie can’t make that face because when you marry a black guy you should be expecting anything,” Thobile said.

“I don’t expect anything, I know exactly what I’ve got. I can confidently say,” Annie responded.

Mseleku then asked the husbands if they were not tempted to get into polygamous marriage, a question they did not bother responding to.

The situation had new housewife Londi London worried: “Some of us are not in a polygamous marriage so our blood pressures are raised and we are sweating because he is trying to encourage our men to be polygamists.”

Viewers of the show took to social media to weigh in on the black-tie event, with many feeling that it was not the time nor the show for her to be bringing up polygamy.

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