Vinpro relieved by govt’s decision to keep SA on lockdown Level 1

Johannesburg – Wine industry representative body, Vinpro has welcomed government’s decision not to impose more stringent lockdown measures.

The National Coronavirus Command Council announced on Thursday that South Africa would remain on adjusted level one.

The Health Department has, however, urged residents to play their part to keep the spread of the coronavirus at a minimum.

The South African wine industry said that government’s move not to introduce more stringent Covid-19 safety measures was welcome for the sector.

In a statement, Vinpro said that it was evident that government was heeding the industry’s ongoing call for risk-and fact-based decision-making regarding liquor trade restrictions.

“We are relieved that the South African government has not imposed more stringent national restrictions that would have had a serious effect on wine sellers, wine tourism destinations and the thousands of families that depend on the industry for their livelihoods,” said Vinpro’s Wanda Augustyn.

The wine industry body has called on citizens as well as the business sector, to adhere to Covid-19 precautionary measures and strictly enforce safety protocols at all levels of the industry.

Meanwhile, the National Liquor Traders Council said that remaining on level 1 would give the industry an opportunity to recover from the impact of the lockdown measures on the sector.

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