Vodacom’s government tender to be investigated

JOHANNESBURG – Vodacom has been awarded the tender to be the sole government telecommunications provider.

This Five Billion Rand contract to provide the government with voice and data services has been contested for not being a fair tender. The government invited bidders for the telecommunications tender as a way that the government can reduce costs.

This means that all government departments will use this network provider for the next four years.

It was confirmed that twenty government departments would be using Vodacom’s services, while other departments such as municipalities may also end up using Vodacom’s services.

Other network providers of the same caliber as Vodacom might have not bidded for this tender.

Vodacom might have been awarded this tender by the national treasury through unfair practices.

The National Treasury has insisted that they followed the proper channels in awarding Vodacom with this tender. Vodacom is known as the leader in telecommunications in South Africa.

This would then make it logical for the government to want Vodacom’s services.

Vodacom is also confident that they followed the proper channels to get awarded this tender.

The Competitions Commission has expressed how this will negatively impact other telecommunication providers.

They further noted that one company could not be the sole provider for all government employees.

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