Volkswagen tests on Monkeys

Johannesburg- Chief executive officer of Volkswagen Matthis Mueller has apologized for the tests done on monkeys, which exposed them to toxic diesel fumes and apologized for the “unethical conduct and repulsive conduct ” of those responsible of the study.

Volkswagen has come under increasing pressure after they were exposed by the New York Times, who reported that the car maker used a European Research Group on Environment and Health (EUGT) in transport to commission the test. The study was conducted in Mexico 2014, its aim, to defend Volkswagen exhaust fumes as carcinogenic. This latest scandal comes after the German car maker is still reeling from the emissions rigging scandal in 2014. CEO Matthias Mueller said at a New Year’s Reception in Brussels ,”the methods used by EUGT in the United States were wrong, they were unethical and repulsive”. Muller did say that a investigation is underway, including that of EUGT’s work and would take necessary action if negative findings are found.

The New York Times report did included that VW did expose 10 monkeys to fumes in an airtight container from different types of Volkswagen cars , as Volkswagen took full responsibility after this latest revelation. A possible inquiry may be in the works with this latest information.


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