WATCH: A Lucky girl narrowly avoids swimming with a shark

GOLD COAST- A four year old Australian girl came close to encountering a shark, at a public swimming enclosure on the Gold Coast.

Reports by the Daily Mail say that Jeanette Haskew filmed the bull shark circling the pool at South Stradbroke Island on Sunday, a few seconds her daughter Grace Zipf decided not to swim.

Haskew said she only noticed the shark swimming after someone else pointed it out to her, who noticed a strange shape in the water.

Haskew said she felt no fear after her daughter narrowly escaped what could of been a terrible situation,  she said, “”I wasn’t scared at all, it was more exciting, because that’s not something you see everyday.”

Bull Shark Inside Swimming Enclosure On Gold Coast

Inside the 'protected' swimming enclosure at Tipplers on the Cold Coast yesterday, reported as a "5 to 6 foot bull shark." :O Don't worry folks, perfectly safe, we've got a net. Vid: Jeanette Haskew

Posted by Liquify Magazine on Sunday, 29 April 2018

Photo Credit- pinterest

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