WATCH | Alleged racial attack in Middelburg leaves one man dead and a town demanding answers

MIDDELBURG, MPUMALANGA- Four men have been arrested in Middelburg, Mpumlanga over a apparent racial attack, allegedly beating a man to death.

 According to a TimesLIVE report, despite the police having evidence of the attack, it took them over a week to arrest the police. The police have now confirmed that the suspects have been charged with murder and assault.

The attack captured on CCTV footage of a business complex‚ where 27-year-old Xolisile Ndzongana and his friend‚ Lawrence Nelumoni‚ were driving through the town centre to get home in the early hours of the morning on Sunday July 8 when they came across cars blocking Cowen Ntuli Road.

The altercation begun after Ndzongana asked the men to move one of their cars but allegedly the suspects instead throw alcohol which they were drinking, at Ndzongana and Nelumoni‚ allegedly calling them the k-word before apparently dragging Ndzongana out of the car.

Nelumoni ran to his friend to help him out, he was attacked too.

Nelumoni spoke to TimesLIVE and said he said those who initially began the attack were joined by others, “The situation intensified … I’m not sure how Xolisile got out of the car. It could have been that he was taken out forcefully. When I saw them beating him‚ I tried to intervene but they also beat me. I had to get out. I couldn’t watch my friend get killed right before my eyes.”

Nelumoni thought the attack would stop when the security guards from Mid Alarms arrived but‚ “they [the attackers] kept on calling us k*****s.

“They did not help us.”

He also claimed when the police arrived they told him to go to the police station.

“They said they could not help because they were heading to another scene. They had just happened to stumble upon us.”

Nelumoni drove Ndzongana to the police station, his condition was getting worse,  to the police station where an ambulance took him to Middelburg General Hospital.

Nelumoni said Ndzongana was transferred to Witbank General Hospital.

“When I saw the doctors on Monday at the hospital I was told this case should not be regarded as an assault case‚ but rather one of attempted murder. They told me Xolisile’s injuries were bad and the chances of him living were slim because of the brain injury. They said if he lived‚ would never live a normal life.”

He said when he returned to the hospital on Monday night‚ he was told “Xolisile was gone”.

“They did not give me details of how he died‚ but it seems it happened after the operation.”


Video Credit- TimesLIVE- YouTube

Photo Credit- Rooms for Africa

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