Watch: Bear Grylls and Land Rover honour brave teen

Hay-on-Wye, Wales – In its 70th year Land Rover, with the help of survivalist Bear Grylls, has been honouring people who exemplify the Land Rover catch-phrase ‘Above and Beyond’ in their daily lives, not in the hope of reward but because that’s who they are.

Even with Gryll’s standards a teenager from Worcester is someone really special.  For most of his life Blake Harris, now 13, battled with undiagnosed autism, which has led him to encounter some really tough episodes in life.

Four years ago his little sister was diagnosed with terminal cancer and Blake had to grow up pretty quickly with this new life crisis, by helping his single mother Liz Bishop and help look after his sister.

They say a typical autistic dont make a fuss about it, but quietly got on and he dedicated every moment he could to caring for Lily-Mai.

During the May Day weekend Blake planned to attend his idol event, the Hay Festival where Bear Grylls was scheduled to speak at the yearly annual literary festival. So his mother with Bear Grylls planned a special surprise, they were taking Blake on a min-adventure.

Grylls said, “It’s not often, that you get to hang out with such a special young man who has had to deal with so many difficulties in life. He embodies that Above and Beyond spirit and never gives up – that makes him an example to us all.”


Photo Credit- Land Rover

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