WATCH | Blac Chyna gets into a scuffle in Nigeria during skin lightening cream tour

Lagos- Reality star Blac Chyna’s skin lightening cream deal has caused a lot of debate, backlash as she headed to Nigeria to promote it.

The lightening product will be sold at the price of R3.5k a bottle in Nigeria. The cream even comes in a bottle containing Swarovski crystals.

During her promotion tour in Nigeria, Chyna was at after party after the launch of the product. Video released by US media The Shade Room, Chyna gets out of the car seeming to give a klap after she was provoked.

But she was stopped by security, a large crowd surrounded her car, someone could be heard asking about the fiasco, to which another person said Chyna was fighting someone.


The backlash was prominent by African artists, posting a picture of the event invite Burna Boy wrote: “Anyone who attends this rubbish might as well commit suicide. Blac Chyna please don’t come to my home and sell your poison because the thunder that will fire you is wearing that big balenciaga trainers. You can come and shake booty sha but leave that poison in your house. Ladies, your black is beautiful.”

Photo credit- YouTube

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