[WATCH] Donald Trump breaks royal etiquette, walks in front of Queen Elizabeth

LONDON- What turned into a media outrage during the weekend, US president Donald Trum visit to the United Kingdom (UK) was it all pleasant and  his visit to Windsor Castle, Trump appeared to have walked in front of Queen Elizabeth.

The two were walking together, Trump seemed to be inspecting her Royal Guard and then he walked ahead of the queen.

That is a royal no no and a break in protocol! In the video you can see him cut her off and she has to step around behind him.

Trumps many critics were not impressed saying he looked like he was strolling around a golf course. One journalist described it as hilarious writing on Twitter ‘The Queen acting like she’s training one of her dogs as Trump struggles to master the art of walking.'”


Video Credit- YouTube

Photo Credit- indianexpress.com

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