WATCH: eNCA Reporter ask the public about Zuma Exit and get a Surprise

JOHANNESBURG- eNCA reporter Nickolaus Bauer was on work duty when he was reporting the resignation of president Jacob Zuma, as he went to the streets to get the peoples reactions, but there was one problem it was midnight and the speech happened on Valentine’s day.

In the clip reporter, the report is live at the time, Bauer failed to get a few comments from the public, then settle on a young women who was sitting in the passenger seat of a car โ€“ and her comment would literally make one of TV’s funniest moments.

โ€œHe must just go, heโ€™s just a motherfu*ker,โ€ commented the woman.

Watch the hilarious clip here, warning it contains strong language:

Photo Credit- Huffingtonpost


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