WATCH | ‘He wasn’t my type’: Kwesta’s wife on their first meeting

Kwesta and Yolanda were married in a traditional ceremony in 2018. They had their dream white wedding in March this year. Image: Instagram/Yolanda Vilakazi

Unlike most couples, it wasn’t love at first sight between Kwesta and Yolanda. However, that didn’t stop them from falling head-over-heels for each other.

Their fairytale is all the proof you need  that first impressions don’t always set the tone for the way things work out.

Judging by how besotted they are with each other, you would never have guessed that Yolanda’s first impression of Kwesta was, “he’s not my type”.

In a video posted on Instagram, Yolanda explained their first meeting.

“My friend called me up and said, ‘can you please do my guy a favour, he needs video girls’. So I went there for my friend and I met him (Kwesta) and he wasn’t my type,” she said.

Kwesta mockingly touched his heart and said he was hurt by the comments. He added that when he first saw Yolanda, he liked her and kept annoying her because it bugged her.

And the rest, as they say, is history!

The multi-award-winning muso and Yolanda celebrated their dream white wedding surrounded by family and friends in March this year. The pair tied the knot in a traditional ceremony last year.

Reflecting on the big day, Yolanda said she had married her best friend.

“Yesterday I married my best friend. So many people to thank, I’ll get through it I promise. For now I just want to thank my husband for choosing me. I love you Mr Vilakazi,” she wrote on Instagram.

Watch the cute video below

Source -TimesLIVE


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