WATCH- How seats are made for the longest flight in the world

NEW YORK – Imagine sitting for a 19 hours flight, while this is a reality for some as this is the longest flight in the world and passengers should be glad that Singapore Airlines is putting a lot of effort into the design of its seats.

The flight is non-stop from Singapore to Newark in New Jersey.  The Airbus A350-900 will be getting its own customized long range suitable seats and the company making them is taking no short cuts.

A CNN report said the flight will only have two cabin options; business class and premium economy and according to the report the premium economy seats are almost as good as business class.

The seats will come with a calf and foot rest to give your legs a rest,  a three power points to make sure all your devices’ batteries survive the trip and the best TV entertainment to make those 19 hours fly by.

Bob Funk, head of sales and marketing for Zodiac Seats US said to CNN,  “Singapore Airlines evaluated the recline and asked to consider a different type of motion – a cradle motion – where the bottom moves down and forward with the back recline.”

“With a traditional recline, you basically hit the button and [the seat] goes back and the bottom doesn’t move much.

“The cradle, on the other hand, balances forces, distributes your weight, and lets your upper body relax while at the same time managing the pressure on the seat pan a lot better. It creates comfort that’s really beneficial when you’re going to be sitting there for a long period of time.”

The flight is set to take off again from October 11, it was first stopped in 2013 because of the little demand. Tickets costing in Rands range from R26 100 for a premium economy round ticket and R72 420 for a business class round trip ticket.

Photo Credit- The New York Times

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