WATCH: Majority of Indians are racist: Malema

KLERKDORP, NORTH WEST- Julius Malema Economic Freedom Fighter (EFF) on Saturday said that Indians and Coloured had it easier during apartheid.

Speaking at a Youth Day event in North West said that not all people of colour suffered the same under apartheid.

“We were not all oppressed the same. Indians had all sorts of resources Africans didn’t have, Coloureds as well. The majority of Indians are racist. I’m not saying all, I’m saying majority,” Malema told the gathering.

“They deliberately distort what we say. I’m telling all those Indian journalists that organised a mob against us – we are not scared. You will fail. We are not made by the media – we are made by the masses of our people,”

At same the time he said, “We are saying share with our [Black] people. We also want to say, here in KZN, stop ill-treating our people. They are ill-treating our people worse than the Boer Afrikaners treated our people. This is not anti-Indian, it’s the truth. They must treat our people properly.”


Video Credit-  eNCA- YouTube

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