WATCH | Malaysia mosque bans tourists after ‘sexy dance’ goes viral

Malaysia-  A mosque in Malaysia has banned all tourist from visiting their mosque after two female tourist in short skirts were seen in a video dancing on the premises.

An outraged onlooker can be heard in the video saying: “Why don’t they just fall off the wall?”

Mosque chairman Jamal Sakaran during the weekend was very unhappy by the video, “the unacceptable behaviour by foreign tourists” and announced a temporary halt to any tourists visiting the mosque in Sabah state,  he said the was to preserve the sanctity of Islam.


State Tourism Minister Christina Liew speaking to The Star newspaper said there would be no legal action taken against the pair, saying the two were probably unaware of the severity of their actions.

But authorities wanted to track them down and get an explanation, “that something they deemed as ‘fun’ was actually disrespectful and not right in Sabah”.

Large numbers of tourist, locally and international tourist visit the mosque, a brief stop at the highly popular Kota Kinabalu before heading into the jungles of Sabah to see the jungle-clad state’s vast wildlife.

In Malaysia tourists can usually visit mosques in the Muslim-majority country, where most practise a moderate form of Islam, but tourist are advised to wear modest clothing.

The women in the video their nationality has not been made clear.


Video Credit- YouTube

Photo Credit-Deccan Herarld

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