WATCH | Puppy rescued by drone after getting trapped in drain

INDIA- An engineer from Lucknow,  India turned to technology to save a puppy that had fallen down a drain.

NDTV reported that Milind Raj was out and about for his usual morning walk when he heard a whimper, he went towards the sound and discovered a puppy was trapped in a drain.

Raj told NDTV, “It was not possible for a human to rescue the puppy without endangering their own life, so I decided to put technology to the task.”

It took Raj six hours of work, he returned to the scene and was prepare, as used his own drone. The drone was changed to monitor the canine’s heartbeat, to avoid squeezing it too hard as it lifted the poor puppy out of the drain.

Raj has adopted the puppy and named it “Lifted”.


Photo Credit- YourStory

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