WATCH: SABC drama actors march after non-payment

JOHANNESBURG- Actors and TV crew of embattled isiZulu TV drama, Uselwa, marched to SABC headquarters in Auckland Park, Johannesburg, to deliver a memorandum of demand after they were left “stranded” in Eshowe, Shakaland, where the series was being shot.

According to the crew members and the production members, the isiZulu drama is in financial trouble.  Actors have claimed they were kicked out of their production lodgings, saying some fell ill on set and that most of the cast and crew had not received their pay.

Actor Ferry Jele on the production expressed the bad situation on his social media, he asked,  “How does anybody with a conscience begin to subject professionals, people who are making an honest living, to this? And how do you get people out of their home, with no money to pay them. We are talking about men and women who have families, kids to support and homes to run.”

Uselwa’s director, King Shaft, has expressed his disappointment on how everything has disintegrated, he said,

“We could have just left KwaZulu-Natal when trouble started, but we believe in the story. We want African stories told the right way. But actors also need to eat and pay their bills. How does a production move from having a R4 million budget to having R13?”

SABC has responded to the situation, management representative David Makubyane said, “It is unfortunate what has happened. We are making sure the cast and the crew are not impacted negatively.”

WATCH- Uselwa actors protest

Video Credit- Drum- YouTube

Photo credit- Channel24

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