WATCH: Side chick crashes boyfriend’s wedding

JOHANNESBURG- Some say revenge is best served out cold,  so when a woman found out that her man was getting married, not to her, she did what any other woman would have done, walk right down the aisle dressed as the bride.

The video did the rounds on  Twitter but some viewers could not figure out exactly where this took place or when it took place, but it is clear, the woman was a side chick and refused that her man get marry.

She walks into the ceremony, then there is chaos as guests start screaming and running around. The groom tries to clam the unnamed woman but it’s clear she will not stop.

Dressed in a white wedding dress, she completely tells the man how unhappy and angry that this wedding is happening but there’s no sight of the other bride as the scene plays out.

The video either way is a must see:

Photo credit- YouTube

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