WATCH: ‘Slay Queens’ reveal how they make close to a million rand in Dubai on TV show

JOHANNESBURG- TV Host Phat Joe new show Highly Inappropriate kept many viewers glued to their screens on Saturday after two ‘slay queens’ spilled the tea on their lifestyle.

The slay queens Lelo and Candice who are also known in some circles as the Kitty Cat Twerkers appeared on the show and they toldhost, Phat Joe how twerking in Dubai opened up a new money-making door for them.

When Phat Joe asked them why they no twerk for work, the pair said, “We’ve levelled up in life and we’re doing better things now,”

The duo revealed how they now spend their “daddy’s” money before  going any further they made it clear that the “daddy” is not in reference to a father.

They said, “They [daddies] are not our boyfriends. They spend more money than boyfriends and pay us to come spend time with them in Dubai”.

Candice, explained that she had been going to Dubai longer than Lelo and proudly shared how she introduced Lelo to the lifestyle.

Candice said, “Okay what happened was, she’s never had a threesome and she was like ‘no, I’m just here to twerk and get my money.’ I was like ‘boo, there’s more to this, more money to be made.”

They also spilled the tea on some of the benefits they received after weekends in Dubai, they include natural-looking boob jobs and cash incentives that are close to one million rand.

Twitter of course was in full force some doubted the girls claims, while others said they were worried by the girls behaviour.

Photo Credit- Channel24

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