BARCELONA- FC Barcelona bid farewell to legend  Andre Iniesta, the Don Andres (“The Illusionist”), “El Cerebro” (The Brain). They are all one man, and he is all of them. A midfield maestro who played many games for Barcelona and country to a different, majestic tune.

Iniesta has been called all of this during career, many have been unable to describe his pure brilliance.

Iniesta played his final game for Barcelona at the Nou Camp on Sunday night against Real Sociedad.

The most emotional video of the night

🙌 The most emotional video of the night 😭👍 Cuando no puedes estar más orgulloso de tu capitán👏 Quan no pots estar més orgullós del teu capità#infinit8iniesta

Posted by FC Barcelona on Monday, 21 May 2018

His teammates watch a tribute video that recounted his genius. Watch-

Andrés Iniesta amongst friends: His teammates

🙌 When you're going to see a movie but you don't know you're the star!Iniesta & his teammates🔝 Cuando vas a ver una película y tú eres el protagonistaAsí fue el adiós del vestuario a Andrés Iniesta🙌 Quan vas a veure una pel·lícula i tu ets realment el protagonistaAixí va ser la sorpresa del vestidor a Iniesta#infinit8iniesta

Posted by FC Barcelona on Friday, 18 May 2018

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