WATCH: Teenage Nigerian female boxers fighting out of poverty

LAGOS-  A group of female teenage boxers from a “poor part of Lagos” are reportedly hoping to win gold for Nigeria at the 2020 Olympics.

The BBC reported that young female boxers are not deterred by they environment in which they train in, they said nothing would hamper them from reaching their dreams.

The BBC report says, “The teenagers train in a makeshift boxing ring in the dirt and share the space with wild chickens.”

Watch the video here

Cynthia Ogunsemilore on of the female boxers said training is not easy, she added, “but if you focus on it and have determination you can do anything”.

This is it the first time Nigerian women have broken barriers in male dominated sports.

Last month a group of female Nigerian motorbike enthusiasts by the name  of Female Bikers Initiative (FBI) made headlines, as they cycled around the west African country with an aim to raise cancer awareness.

One of the bikers said she and the other female bikers aimed to talk to women around Nigeria about cancer.

She said, “We talk to them (women) about breast cancer, cervical cancer and how they can take care of themselves so they can live well,”.

“We want to change their minds. Some people think that all women who ride bikes are crazy… But the truth is women who ride bikes are some of the sanest people in the world.”

Photo Credit- Twitter

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