WATCH: Video of Abusive Nurse Goes Viral

Durban – A 30 year old woman who was a patient at St Mary’s Hospital shot a video showing a nurse verbally abusing an elderly patient, who later died and was left on her hospital bed for hours before the nurses discovered her body.

WATCH: Video sourced online from

The old woman died after this video was taken. “Every time I close my eyes, I see her. Her body lay in our room for hours after she died,” the source of the video reported.

The woman who shot the video has since discharged herself from the hospital on Tuesday, after the elderly patient died.
She then went on to another hospital and posted the video on social media to warn other patients. The 30 year old woman was not identified as she has already faced a few death threats over posting the footage.
“It’s better to be a man because you don’t have any responsibilities but you are a mother. Move your body. Sit up. Sit up.

There is a bed pan for you at the side of your bed so you don’t pee yourself. You can’t keep wearing a diaper because it’s going to give you a rash,” the nurse was heard saying in the video.

The KwaZulu Natal Health Department have not responded to the allegations against the nurse in the video.

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