WATCH: World’s longest city zipline opens in London

LONDON- Zip lines are well known to be located around nature, in remote areas that are scenic, where tourist flock too, but zip lining through a city is uncommon.

Zip Now is now the world’s longest and fastest city zipline, made a welcome return to London’s skyline on Tuesday, following its launch in 2017.

The zip line is 225 metre-long and 35 metre-high zipline in central London allows users to zoom past the city’s skyline, it provides the opportunity to spot iconic landmarks such as the London Eye, Houses of Parliament, Big Ben, the Gherkin, Lambeth Palace and The Shard, its a dream if you are not scared of heights!

According to a report by Lonely Planet a third wire was added by Zip Now in 2018 so that more people can experience the ride at the same time.

Barry Shaverin founder of Zip Now said the zip line can reach up to 30mph in speed and is suitable to families and first timers.

World longest Zip Line opens in London -WATCH

Photo Credit- Get Surrey

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