WATCH: World’s most powerful Hypercar – the out of this worlds Alieno Arcanum has a whopping 3340kW!

With the constant competition in the motor industry to push the boundaries in the age of super and hypercar performance, Bulgarian designers have claim their Alieno Arcanum the most powerful hypercar the world has ever seen.

These type of vehicles, the super-hypercar performance are not only easy on the eyes they have tremendous speed and power.

With the name, Alieno Arcanum it clearly suggest an extra terrestrial creation and even ‘alien technologies’ as suggested by the designers.

Why is this make so special?

All electric car produces up to a whopping 3340kW and has an estimated top speed of 488km/h. Other versions produce 1946kW and 2610kW.

   Image: Motor1

That type of power is unheard and the Bulgarian designers are very confident that it is the most powerful.


Some motor analyst have said the styling of the car borrws from the Lamborghini Aventador and Huracan with a similar shape.

If you are keen to know when the supercar will be available, the production of the car is ready and available for pre-order at a staggering R23 million (£1 327 000).

Video Credit- YouTube

Photo Credit- Wheels24

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