“We do not need the loan” Ndlozi slams Ramaphosa’s R500billion

Johannesburg – EFF’s Head of Political Education Mbuyiseni Ndlozi described the loan that South Africa took to help with the fight against Covid-19 as a trap and the country will pay severely.

Ndlozi says the International Monetary Fund loan is a trap.

“There is no free supper with capitalists, those telling us IMF loan is harmless and that it is without conditions and interest are misleading us,” said Ndlozi in a tweet.

“Worse we do not need the loan. One day we have to pay it back, to do so, Mboweni is going to tell us, let’s sell Eskom, Denel and SAA,” added Ndlozi.

Ndlozi has been vocal on social media slamming what he calls efforts of ‘white monopoly capital.’

Ndlozi added that there is no need for these loans from the IMF and the World Bank since we can get help domestically.

In a statement released yesterday, the EFF said that the relief fund for the unemployed should goon even after the lockdown.

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