What if the university students of 2023 were the last students ever in South Africa?

Feenix, a South African public benefit organisation that offers enrolled university students access to money, began its #WereITheLast2023 campaign.

What if the 2023 class at the university was the final one to enrol in South Africa? What will our nation look like if funding runs out and there are no more university students after this year?

In June, ahead of Youth Day on June 16, Feenix, a South African public benefit organisation that offers enrolled university students access to money, will begin its #WereITheLast2023 campaign.

#WereITheLast2023 challenges the rising prices of higher education in an effort to spark a national dialogue and inspire people to consider our society’s future and our shared duty to help the country’s youth. Feenix acknowledges the pressing necessity for cooperation at this point.

‘’What would South Africa become if the 2023 class were our last students ever?’’

Feenix urges the public to contribute their opinions on this important subject through different social media platforms. Feenix seeks to close the gap and stress the shared desire to advance the country via the potential of its young and students by promoting conversation and embracing a variety of opinions.

The chief executive of Feenix, Cara-Jean Petersen, emphasises the significance of the #WereITheLast2023 campaign.

“There is no denying that our society is going through a tough time. There are so many other challenges that dominate the public narrative – such as inflation, load shedding, and political transparency.

‘’Within South Africa’s social, political, and economic landscape, we need the standard to be lifted, but in order to do so a conscious investment in the future must be made today,’’ said Petersen.

In order to ensure that they are actively nurturing young talent who will be a part of the solution in bringing about sustainable change within the socio-economic, political, and environmental landscapes in the years to come, Petersen added that the campaign puts the need to invest in students squarely back into the public domain where it belongs.

Feenix wants people and groups to support the campaign by contributing videos that express their opinions on what South Africa would be like if the current class of 2023 were the final ones to ever enrol.

You can actively contribute to the future of education in South Africa and advance the discussion that access to school should not depend on one’s financial situation by taking part in this important discourse.

However, contributing videos to promote the campaign is not the only option to have an impact.

The urgent need for education, especially among “the missing middle” kids, is Feenix’s main goal. These gifted people frequently encounter financial obstacles that prevent them from enrolling in higher school or finishing their degrees.

Donors can directly assist in assisting students to achieve their educational objectives by making a kind contribution to Feenix. By enabling these young people to realise their potential, our project helps them and society as a whole move towards a better future.

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