White Farmers are not special: BLF

JOHANNESBURG – The Black First Land First (BLF) movement took to their Twitter account this morning to attack white farmers saying that they are not so special and that they have turned farms into zones of violence for black people.


This comes after white farmers around the country staged mass protests, #BlackMonday, to raise awareness about the brutal killings of white farmers.


The protests, currently underway in major city roads in Johannesburg and Cape Town amongst other cities, are causing traffic gridlocks with protesters in black blocking roads or driving slow.


The BLF on the other hand says black people working in farms are the ones who are ill-treated by white farmers not the other way round.


“White farmers are not special, if you wear black do it to mourn the thousands of farm workers who are still slaves on farms,” the group wrote in their twitter account.


The group added, “White farmers are racist, cruel land thieves who don’t deserve our sympathy,”


They also made reference from two white farmers (Theo Jackson and Willem Oosthuizen) who kidnapped and assaulted a black farm worker (Victor Mlotshwa) before forcing him into a coffin.


“Farm workers are killed by farmers every day from Coligny to Mpumalanga where we saw them put our brother in a coffin,” the group wrote.


The BLF also says it’s a lie that white farmers feed the nation.

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