Who is the Next ANC Leader?

The country seems to have had it with current president Jacob Zuma, who is also the leader of the current ruling party African National Congress. Most of the country and unions still love the ANC because of its legacy and the freedom that came with it being in power, but of late the majority of the country and unions have been left angry with the current president’s actions and decisions. Most of ANC supporters still support the ANC but would do with a new leader. The Western Cape Congress of South African Trade Unions branch has announced that they would much rather have Deputy President Cyril Ramaphosa be the next African National Congress president. This announcement came after a meeting was held on Wednesday night in Cape Town. This meeting was held to call for President Jacob Zuma to be sacked or resign.

The COSATU’s leader also added that having Cyril Ramaphosa as president could possibly restore the ANC. There are many who support their decision and others who are totally against it. However no party has come up with an alternative to Deputy President Cyril Ramaphosa’s COSATU election.

The country has been commenting via social media sharing their concerns and thoughts. Their comments are easily accessible online.

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