WHO predicts that Ebola outbreak in the DRC could end soon

DRC- The director general of the World Health Organisation said on Sunday he believed a swift end could be put to the outbreak of Ebola in northwestern Democratic Republic of Congo, some 21 days which has left 27 people dead over the past month.

Doctor Tedros Adhanom Gherbreyesus told reporters at Kinshasa airport, “I am cautiously optimistic that we shall be able to bring it to an end soon.”

He tweeted, “it’s far too early to declare victory in the #Ebola outbreak. But the signals are positive and we are cautiously optimistic.”

Gherbreyesus said these comments after WHO and NGOs helped after the outbreak begun after May 21 helping the Democratic of Congo with  front-line workers with a vaccine that has shown to be highly effective in trials, although they are waiting for regulatory approval.

The ministry on Wednesday said a total of 1 369 people had received the experimental vaccine since May 21.

The director general of WHO is currently on an “evaluation” visit to the country as the WHO monitors the progress of surveillance teams of epidemiologists working to assess the situation and when local authorities declared the outbreak in a remote part of the province of Equateur on May 8.

Photo Credit- eNCA


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