Why American Crime is a must-watch for South Africans

JOHANNESBURG- SAPS released the crime stats for the current year in October 2017.  Over two million serious crimes were reported in South Africa, a slight increase of 0.12%.

It is clear unfortunately that South Africans are more likely to be exposed to crime, and with the current stats this trend will continue. So if we are faced with crime on a daily basis, are we more likely to watch it?

South Africans are more likely to watch American crime stories because it comes from a different perspective.

The highly popular American Crime tv drama series, that does exactly that, tell crime stories from different perspectives and narratives.

Here are the three reasons why, according to Channel 24 why South Africans must watch American crime:

Reason 1:  different perspectives but the crime committed is the same. American Crime story illustrates this the best, each season, the viewer is introduce to a different crime that was committed, with new stories and characters. The stories are not obvious, the villain and hero of the shows are not clear and the human vulnerability draws the viwer in.

Reason 2: Tackling issues of race, sex and religion. The television series today do not shy away from tackling, race, sexuality and religion, as all these issues are relevant in the South African context.


Reason 3: The shows take the viewer out of their comfort zone. Television series  questions the viewers beliefs, sometimes not an easy watch. But this uncomfortable nature can makes for great tv.

Photo Credits- Channel24 and aTVfest




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