Why the Ndoro debacle could affect the PSL’s promotion-relegation play-offs

CAPE TOWN-  The second arbitration of the Tendai Ndoro case was due to start at 10 am in Johannesburg on Monday with the aim of finally putting the issue to an end, that was increasingly damaging the Premier Soccer League and making a mockery of its legal structures

The case has remained wrapped up in a tight strapping of legal complexity and could yet cause the postponement of the scheduled end-of-season promotion-relegation play-offs‚ which are scheduled to start on Wednesday.

The arbitration ordered by the PSL to look into the case against the Zimbabwean international and his club Ajax Cape Town continues without any resolution, including all steps and structures being exhausted.

The PSL charged Ajax with using a player who previously already played for two different clubs in one single season‚ which is against FIFA regulations.

PSL’s own disciplinary structure did not find Ajax guilty and an appeal against the decision delivered an inconclusive findings. Then the  issue was sent to FIFA to find a resolution but only for world football’s governing body to give it back to the PSL to resolve.

On Monday Ajax will argue it is not fair to repeat a prosecution which has yet to find them guilty.

They did attend Monday’s hearing in Johannesburg but will argue the second arbitration case has no standing in law. If Ajax wins this appeal, the prosecution will be in limbo, meaning Platinum Stars could go to court to finalize the matter.

Photo Credit-  Ashley Vlotman/Gallo Images

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