LONDON – Bragging rights will be worth more than the $9 million prize money to Phil Mickelson when he takes on Tiger Woods in an 18-hole winner-takes-all pay-per-view showdown in Las Vegas.

Two of the world’s richest athletes will be playing for millions  at Shadow Creek Golf Club on Friday.

Mickelson said, “It’s great to win the $9 million but I just don’t want to lose to him and give him the satisfaction because the bragging rights are what is going to be even worse than the money,” Mickelson said at a news conference on Tuesday to drum up interest in “The Match”.

“Every time I see you, I want to be able to rub it in. I want to sit in the Champions locker room at Augusta and talk smack. I want that.”

Mickelson was aware of Tiger’s what he has done for the game, “He’s one of the greatest players to ever pick up a golf club,” said Woods, the winner of 14 major titles.

“Greatest of all time,” replied Mickelson, who has five majors in his trophy case.

The showdown will be highlighted by several side bets and Mickelson wasted no time throwing down the gauntlet by betting Woods $100,000 that he would birdie the first hole.

Woods took the bait when Mickelson said Woods would birdie the first hole, he bet $100 000 but not before upping the ante, Woods took the bait, “Why not $200,000”.

“So you think you can make birdie on the first hole,” said Woods smiling. “Double it.”

“This is me versus him, this is winner take all and it has a unique special feel golf doesn’t have all the time or rarely has ever had if ever,” said Mickelson.

“I am hopeful that this is received well, I am hopeful we provide a glimpse into the future of what sport-watching is all about.”

Photo credit- Daily Express

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