Wives of assassinated Ethiopian generals call for justice

The wife of the late Ethiopian army chief, who was shot dead a year today, has said she has failed in her efforts to meet Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed in order to be updated on the state of the investigation into her husband’s killing that shocked the country.

“I was told it was not possible,” Col Tsege Alemayehu.

Her husband, Gen Seare Mekonnen, was reportedly assassinated by his bodyguard as part of a plot to seize power in Amhara regional state in northern Ethiopia.

The attack came hours after gunmen in Bahir Dar killed the governor of Amhara, Ambachew Mekonnen, along with two senior officials.

She said she had heard nothing but “speculation from social media” about her husband’s killing.

“A year ago I was told the suspect is under arrest. But I was not even called to give my testimony. I don’t know about what’s going on,” she said.

“The whole year our hearts are broken, our house is dark,” Col Tsege added.

Abeda Zemichael, wife to the Gen Gezai Abera, who was killed alongside Gen Seare, expressed her frustration as well.

“The judicial process is null. Everyone is quiet on this. Both were great leaders. We are depressed and waiting for justice from God,” she said.

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