Woman dies after doctors mistakenly inject her with embalming fluid

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RUSSIA- A Russian government owned television network RT has reported that a Russian women in April was mistakenly injected with balming fluid instead of saline during a routine operation.

Buzzfeed is reporting that the woman, Ekaterina Fedyaeva, 28 went to hospital in Ulyanovsk, a city in western Russia to remove ovarian cysts, however during the operation medical staff accidentally injected formalin a combination of water and formaldehyde into her abdominal cavity.

RT reported that the mistake most likely occurred because the medical staff did not read the label of the vial.

Realizing the mistake, doctors tried to remove the substance out of her body but Fedyaeva fell into a coma.  She was then transferred to Moscow for further treatment but three weeks after the procedure, she died on April 5 due to the poisoning.

The doctor and the five medical staff implicated in the incident have resigned, the head physician was fired.

Tass a Russian owned news agency said the incident is now being treated as a crime.

Photo Credit- TimesLIVE

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