Woman survives 6 nights lost in Australian wilderness

Brisbane, Australia – Police said a South Korean backpacker was rescued on Thursday after being lost for six nights in rugged Australian wilderness suffering from dehydration and exposure but relatively unscathed.

Joohee Han, 25,  was last seen last week Thursday at supermarket in the town of Tully, a tropical Queensland state, before she left she told a friend on the phone the next day she was going for a walk at a nearby Mount Tyson in a national park that morning, Police Inspector Steve Kersley said.

Kersley said she had been missing or lost for five days, before friends reported her missing on Wednesday and the search was then launched.

Han shouts for help where heard on Saturday but this information was only given after a member of the public informed the police of this on Thursday, after learning that the search had been launched.

Kersely added that soldiers had found her, who had to cut through thick forest to get to her.

Speaking to reporters, he said, “Six days is a long time to be lost in the bush particularly when you’ve got no bush skills,”

“She’s done well to survive.”

Han was rescued in the forest by a rescue helicopter, which took her to Tully where she was assessed at a hospital. Kersley said the clothing she wore helped her survive, she wore long sleeved shirt, long trousers and had a raincoat that kept her warm.

Photo Credit- Pixabay


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