Women Recruit Girls at Church for Nigerian Pastor

Two police women are main suspects to the disappearing of young women and teenage girls. It is alleged that these women were being recruited to become sex workers for the Nigerian pastor, Timothy Omotoso.

The two women have been arrested on the account of human trafficking.

The Nigerian televangelist and senior pastor, of the Jesus Dominion International Church, faces charges of human trafficking and rape of these young women and girls. The pastor is also being investigated for a second case relating to his immigration status and an alleged fraudulent work visa from 2000.

It was also reported that the two women preyed on vulnerable young girls from poor brackground, with no father figure at home. Once they met the requirements, they were flown to meet Omotoso. They would get to Durban and be pampered and treated with care, given cash and a luxurious life before meeting their sex offender. They were groomed and prepared for alleged sexual encounters with the pastor.

Omotoso treated the women as his sex slaves and forced them to do unspeakable things for his own desires. He called these women “sexual entertainers,” which were as young as 13 years old.

More arrests are expected to be made as there were more people involved in these cases than the two arrested.

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