Woolworths apologises to customers

JOHANNESBURG – Retail giant Woolworths has apologised to customers for the inconvenience caused following the announcement that it will be removing all T-shirts found to possibly have animal fur from all its shelves countrywide.

Officials say they were alerted to the potential use of animal fur in the pom-pom trims on children’s T-shirts, which is against the policies of the organisation.

In a statement on Wednesday, Woolworths announced that the organisation will remain committed to animal welfare and will not sell any products manufactured using animal fur.

“It is our ethical obligation to ensure that the animals in our supply chain are treated in the most humane way possible, on this basis, Woolworths policies state that no animal fur may be used in any of our products,” adding that “Independent testing was commissioned and has confirmed that the fibre used in the pom-pom trim is indeed animal fur.”

According to the statement issued by the retail giant, animal welfare policies form part of its contractual agreements with suppliers, adding that it takes that responsibility very seriously.

Woolworths confirmed that about 1,276 pom-pom T-shirts has already been sold and has apologised to all customers who bought them.

Image credits – biznews

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