World’s first baby born via womb transplant from dead donor

London – A woman in Brazil who received a womb transplanted from a deceased donor has given birth to a baby girl in the first successful case of its kind, doctors reported.

The Lancet medical journal published the case, the transplant involved connecting veins from the donor uterus with the recipient’s veins, as well as linking arteries, ligaments and vaginal canals.

The case comes after 10 other previous cases failed in the United States, the Czech Republic and Turkey, they failed to produce a live birth by uterus transplants from deceased donors.

The successful case in Brazil, the girl was born via caesarean section at 35 weeks and three days, and weighed 2 550 grams (nearly 6 lbs), the case study said.

Dani Ejzenberg, a doctor at Brazil’s Sao Paulo University hospital who was the head of the research said the transplant, done in September 2016 when the recipient was 32, shows the technique is affordable and could offer women with uterine infertility access to a larger pool of potential donors.

The current status of receiving a womb transplant, the organ would come from a living donor willing to donate it.

“The numbers of people willing and committed to donate organs upon their own deaths are far larger than those of live donors, offering a much wider potential donor population,” Ejzenberg said in a statement about the results.

Photo credit- Mirror

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