WSU Student Blows NSFAS R14m

The girl who accidentally received R14 million instead of R1400 on her monthly NSFAS food allowance may be facing 15 years to imprisonment after she failed to report the mistake. In June 2017, the WSU student, like any other student, received her monthly food allowance from NSFAS, only to find that four extra zeros were accidentally added to her pay, making her an accidental millionaire. It has been reported previously of her lousy spending on parties, weaves and clothes that add up to R800 000. Although there were specific merchants where students were able to use the money to buy books and food, so the university would investigate how the student was able to buy some of the goods she bought. She is said to be held responsible for not reporting the incident, which may lead her to imprisonment or punishment.

The student has been seen on social media throwing lavish parties and wearing expensive clothing and accessories. Some students picked this up from the lifestyle she started living, which caused great suspicion. The student has been defending herself on Facebook against the accusations and legal actions that she may be charged with.

Although the University and NSFAS are at fault for sending her this amount of money, it was still in her power to report the mistake and will be responsible for the cost.

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