You can soon create your own KitKat – here’s how it works

KitKat will allow South Africans to design their own chocolates at a pop-up store in the Mall of Africa in Midrand.

It will be the brand’s first such venture in Africa, the concept or creating your own KitKat has been successful in countries like Japan, Australia, Canada and Malaysia.

The pop up store will open from November 24 to December 22.

This is how it works:

Step 1: Select your favourite base


A customer will be using a tablet computer, you will need to choose what the base of your chocolate should taste like. The four-finger bar will dipped options are vanilla milk chocolate, classic white or dark chocolate.

Step 2: Choosing toppings

The customisation process involves selecting up to 3 toppings from a wide-range of 14. (Business Insider SA)

The next step is choosing three out of 14 toppings for your bar.

The toppings range from caramelised hazelnut crocant, mint chips, strawberry pearls, caramel fudge, coconut, brownies, mixed berry fruit pieces, honeycomb, shortbread, caramelised pearls, tutti fruity, white blossom and milk blossom.

We were nervous in choosing the combination: the meshing of the different flavours could either spell a win or epic fail.

Step 3: Designing the packaging

A customised chocolate box with a photograph of the Joburg skyline, a personal message and name. (Business Insider SA)

Step three you can included photographs of the Big Five or iconic SA landmarks like the Johannesburg skyline, Soweto towers and Table Mountain.

You can also then add a message from a list of 16 templates, and your name.

Step 4: Payment and notification

(Business Insider SA)

Our least favourite step: parting with our Randelas. The total cost will mostly depend on the base chocolate and toppings used – in our case, a base selection of the KitKat’s classic milk chocolate with toppings of honeycomb, coconut and zesty lemon pieces came to a pricey total of R48 for a  41.5 gram bar.

There was a 20-minute wait to finally get our customised bar – which came in a handy gift bag, with a gift card attached.

(Business Insider SA)

Photo credit- Business Insider SA and Business Insider South Africa

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