“You shall drink poison and it will not harm you,” Prophet Mnguni

JOHANNESBURG – Controversial prophet Penuel Mnguni who broke the internet after feeding congregants snakes, is back at his antics again.

This time, the controversial prophet is feeding his congregants cockroaches and “poisonous” flowers after praying for them.

A Facebook post from the End Times Disciples Ministries describes how the prophet demonstrated God’s power by turning a cockroach into cheese and spice before feeding it to his congregants.

As if that was not enough, Mnguni went to pray for a “poisonous” flower which he gave to Apostle Tompane to eat and surprisingly, Tompane enjoyed the flower saying it tastes like no ordinary food.

The post reads, “As the man of God demonstrated this mystery of the cockroach turning into cheese and spice, Apostle Tompane Eans from Limpopo came forward saying he also wants to eat.

The man of God then took a poisonous flower and prayed upon it and gave it to Apostle Tompane to eat. As Apostle Tompane ate, he said it tastes like no ordinary food, he enjoyed it to the extent that he asked to eat the whole flower alone and finished it.”

Although there are mixed fillings whether he is a true or false prophet, his congregants believe he has a calling from God and was sent to deliver people from evil.

In 2016, the prophet appeared before the CRL Rights Commission after being accused for feeding congregants snakes, rats, ants and synthetic hair.

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