Young Man Submits One-Line CV for R33k Job, His Statement Surprises Employer

The man wrote one line in his CV. (Illustrative photos) Credit: shironosov, Ivan Pantic, TikTok/mostcool_hr
  • A 23-year-old Nigerian man applying for a job of R33 518 salary confidently wrote a one-line CV to beg his prospective employer.
  • The man who identified himself as Kenneth did not consider that the job asked for five to six years of experience before applying.
  • The HR officer who opened his CV was shocked that a person would be so careless as the applicant was.

A lady who works as an HR expert shared a video that showed the one-line CV an applicant sent for a job that offers an R33 518 monthly salary.

She was surprised when she opened the Word document that he sent, and it was only a line of a funny statement.

Man’s CV gets employer’s attention

The lady (@mostcool_hr) said even though she admired his optimism, no one should ever do what he did. The man’s CV read:

“I’m Kenneth from Nigeria, I can work any work, I’m 23 years old.”

King Jashua said:

“At least, this got your attention from the bunch of cover letters you skimmed through.”

joy75921 said: “After writing long essay, they no go still consider u.”

Puriche said: “Can’t blame Kenneth, the amount of stress job application takes. yoo.”

crenerit said: “Him for just use ChatGPT that would have greatly increased his odds.”

VICTOR THE VAMP said: “Who get energy for cover letter.”

auntie said: “This is actually quite audacious.”

BALATHEish said: “Idan nor dey write CV give job, na job dey right CV give am.”

No 1 perfume plug said: “He got your attention though… that was the plan.”

franchesca said: “Ehen … all the ones wey dey construct wetin we gain.”

Timi said: “Love his confidence.”

bluebaabi said: “And 5-6 years of experience is just crazy to me, some of you recruiters are not it at all.”

Woman who earns well abroad shares experience

Meanwhile, Briefly News earlier reported that a woman (@akuaserwaa252) who travelled abroad to make ends meet and get better opportunities shared a short video that showed what she does for a living.

A camera she placed close to her showed the moment she swept a street abroad. People were amazed at how she was working to change her story.

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