YoungstaCPT on his tribute song to Riky Rick

YoungstaCPT says he is not bothered whether his tribute to Riky Rick goes viral as long as those who hear it feel how much Riky meant to him.

The Cape Town-based rapper recently dropped the song Dear Rikhado, dedicated to his friend rapper Riky Rick who died in February.

After one fan spoke about how underrated the song and YoungstCPT, the rapper responded saying he was not looking for the world’s approval.

“It’s the last seven days of Ramadan  my intention was simply to honour a friend and a great human to us all. I don’t need people’s approval as long as Riky and the few who were moved felt the respect, love and sincerity in my words and actions.”

Cassper also paid tribute to Riky recently, revealing he was meant to come out at this year’s Cotton Fest for a special performance.

“This one is for my brother. You planned to bring me out as a surprise tonight and we didn’t have that moment. My first time on your stage and you’re not here in physical form but I know you’re with me and the rest of us in spirit. I love you and I miss you, Rikhado.”

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