Youth say ANC election manifesto is too ambitious

Image: SABC News

Some young people in the streets of Durban have reacted with skepticism to the ANC’s 2019 election manifesto.

They believe the promise to create more than 200 000 jobs a year is not achievable. Party president Cyril Ramaphosa unveiled the manifesto in Durban over the weekend.

The event coincided with the ANC’s 107th anniversary celebrations.

South Africa is among the countries with the highest unemployment figures in the world.

These unemployment figures include young people.

President Ramaphosa said: ” We want to continue empowering the youth of our country, so that, they begin to play important roles in the life of our country. Our country cannot be the great country that we want it to be, if we leave young people behind.”

But young people believe the manifesto is too ambitious.

One of them says: “There is a lot of us that are not working. We heard what the President said but as individuals we must create our own jobs, our own opportunities.”



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